Sexual Harassments- a talk for cis-women, trans*, inter* & genderqueer persons only

Sexual Harassments- a talk for cis-women, trans*, inter* & genderqueer persons only

20/6, at KulthuM – Demmeringstr.74, Leipzig

As a bar that strives to be a safe space, and as women in the public space, we in KulthuM acknowledge the importance of having an opportunity for women to come together to listen, learn and support each other. Sexual harassments is a subject that we should talk about more. It’s a subject that in one way or another is relevant for every woman, and there’s no reason for us to deal with it alone.

You are welcome to join us on this evening to talk about:
What is a sexual harassment and how to recognize one?
Why should we talk about it?
What can we do when it happens?
What if it’s a complicated situation?

These and other related topics and questions are going to be the center of our evening. We are not going to focus on the dictionary or legal definitions of sexual harassment or sexual assault. The law is irrelevant here, what we care about is you, your feelings, experience and well-being. This would be your safe space – victim shaming or blaming have absolutely no space among us – to listen, share, consult, wonder, understand, and empower yourself and others.

In this evening KulthuM will be open ONLY for people that were defined by themselves or others as women, in some point of their lives. Which means- cis-women, trans*, inter* and genderqueer persons are welcome, but cis-gender men can‘t join us.
(Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth).

The conversation will be in German and English – what ever works best for you. You are welcome just to come be with us, don‘t feel you have to talk or share anything.

We open at 18:00 with some vegan food & drinks. We will start the talk around 19:30, and you are welcome to stay after and hang out.
Please share and invite your friends ♥

Kulthum is a non-commercial cultural safe space. All are welcome to come and have fun (or not) while respecting all genders, sexes and nationalities, without verbal or physical harassments.
Violence, sexism, misogyny, racism, xenophobia and other harmful behaviours are staying outside!